I am thankful!!!!!!

I can’t help but be more thankful this Thanksgiving as I am recovering from health conditions that threatened my existence!

To be thankful, means to be content with what one has. Be it little, be it a lot, be it sickness, be it health, be it friends and family or be it alone. Even through my sickness, i can’t help but be thankful.

I am thankful that the sickness has brought much wisdom and knowledge to my self. I am thankful for having the strong will to fight and not give up when all odds were against me. I am more thankful the Lord has been with me through it all and spared my life. What I am most thankful for, is my family and that I am here with them, celebrating the holidays and my birthday!

Last but not least, I am thankful for my husband and my seven children!!! My husband has been my rock through out. He has been my support emotionally and physically. Carrying me to the bathroom when I needed help! Giving me showers when i couldn’t! Even spoon feeding me when i was too weak. The list goes on!!!! All in all, i feel blessed to be married to him. I love and adore him!

My children are the apples of my eyes. I devoted my life to spoil them, teach them manners and help them grow up into well matured adults. I have a barrier for spoiling thought as i also want them to learn the qualities of life. My kids are great troopers as they help out with daily chores. While i was sick, they prayed for me and wrote get well notes. Supported me as I leaned against their little shoulders to go outside for some fresh air. I feel honored and blessed to be their mom. I love and adore my kids!

I have many more things to be thankful for, like my six sisters and four brothers, my parents, my in laws and my friends! I love them all!

Life doesn’t have to be perfect with a two story mansion or a white picket fence (although i have that) to be thankful. My house is small, only 1500sf, but there is great love in my house.

I am thankful for it all!!!!!


I eradicated H. pylori naturally…

The holidays were approaching fast and I wanted to eradicate H. pylori one’s and for all. I was feeling tired all the time and had a hard time enjoying the things i loved to do. I wasn’t going to allow a bacteria get a hold of my life so i decided to take matters into my own hands and educate my self about it.

The information i came across was alarming. I read, 60% of the worlds population has this bacteria and half of them don’t even know it. Symptoms don’t start right away until something triggers it. I don’t know what it was but something triggered it for me the night of New Years.

Since not much information for natural treatment was available on the Internet about H. Pylori, I’ve decided to see a Nature path doctor, as I had no clue where to begin.

By this time, my adrenals were exhausted, thyroid off track, liver enzymes sky rocket, and always feeling cold as if I was in a freezer. My body was in a constant battle with shooting pains everywhere from head to toes.

As with any doctor, the first visit was routine. Charted down my complains and history. He then explained how polluted air and toxins, stress, water, foods we eat etc. is the cause for sickness in general and then proceeded to explain his process of healing and how it takes four years to fully recover. I remember thinking, what if i don’t have four years, then what? Went forward with his treatment and decided to take it one day at a time.

It took a few good weeks to see some improvement and I was happy to be up and about. Although, it felt as if i was taking more steps backwards then forward, i just went with the flow. All that matter is to be up and with my children as i had no one around to drive them to school everyday.

About a year passes and the holiday season was rolling around once again and this time I’m feeling worse then before even with the help of the Nature path doctor. I was lost and confused!

Christmas was my favorite holiday of all and i could care less about joining in the holiday spirit. Maybe because my birthday is around that time, which i had spent in the ER with panic attacks.
I felt like the Scrooge!!! I wanted to be out there with my family singing and rejoicing, but yet, i felt trapped and chained down unable to free my self. Shopping had become very stressful and a thing of the past. With Christmas only three weeks away, i hadn’t even done any gift shopping for the family.

I called up my Nature path doctor to explain and see how he can help, but instead received an unexpected reply. His voice confused and lost, replied that he is doing the best he can to help but i have to tell him what to do! He doesn’t know what else to do.

You can imagine how discouraged I was to hear those words. My insurance did not cover Nature path, it was all out of pocket, my pocket. My hope diminished a little, but I told my self it’s ok, it just means i need to go back to the drawing board and work harder. Just like that nagging noise you hear in the background and you have to know what’s making that noise. I was determined to find that noise, the cause for all my suffering.

Since H. pylori was what started it all, i decided to educate my self more on the natural approach to eradicate this tricky and strong bacteria, for sure i wasn’t going to live with it. I came across some natural remedies which have brought only momentary relief.

Became close friends with another mom with similar interests, as we were at a play date with our children she mentioned she too has similar symptoms a while back and has used something called Propolis. Decided to do some more research and give it a try since there wasn’t anything else.

These were my symptoms:

  • Excruciating stabbing pains in the stomach
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Bloating (i looked as if i was pregnant)
  • Anger (constantly angry for no reason)
  • Stress (constantly stressed and unable to deal with every day stress)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Weight gain
  • Feeling full all the time
  • Heavy belching
  • Overly excited (too much cortisol)
  • Symptoms of bipolar, (one minute i’m happy, the next i’m depressed)

Every person is different and may or may not have the same symptoms as I did.


The thought process matters a lot when dealing with a restrictive plan. For me, the word No, sounds forbidden and i feel dared to eat more. I find it much easier instead of thinking, “No i can’t eat something”, I  change my thinking to say, ” Yes, I can have everything that is naturally grown”, not man made or prepackaged. This way I didn’t feel pressured to eat something that would empower the bacteria.

My breakfast consisted of rolled or still cut oats, omlet with vegetables, eggs sunny side up, fritatta’s and gluten free toast with garlic and avocado.

My lunches and dinners consisted of soups, salads and some form of protein. Not so much creamy soups but vegetables soups. Salads were either fresh greens or cooked. Protein, there are many forms or protein to be used like eggs, nuts, beans, chick peas, split peas and meat.

What i did:

  •  Propolis extract
  • Manuka honey
  • Mastic gum

Propolis, 30 drops three times a day on an empty stomach with water, tea or cranberry juice.

For better success take it half hour before each meal.

It’s best to take it for a few months as bacteria finds way to hide or disguise it’s self.

I did it for a period of three months with six weeks propolis and 1-2 weeks break.

Continued my strict diet for 6 months thought, the break was only from propolis.

For Manuka honey, follow directions on the jar.

For Mastic gum, i chewed 1-2 pieces about 3-4 times a day, especially after meals. It has a bit of an off taste at the beginning.

All of these can be purchased at natural stores, on line or even Indian supermarket.

I can finally say i am H. pylori FREE FREE FREE and have been for 1 year, thank God!

My story of H. pylori …..

It all started with a New Years party. What an intrigued party it was.

I remember this like it was yesterday. With an array of foods such as Lasagna, Shrimp cocktail, cheese ball with cracker and many more. Roasting marshmallow in the backyard for s’mores and singing, Ah I thought, what a great time this is.

Until that is, i felt sick to my stomach with severe pains and bloating as if i had just gulped down a two litter of Pepsi. Diarrhea soon followed by vomit. Complete opposite of how i started the party. I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

My severe stomach pains and bloating continued throughout the night and then into days and from days into months. Every time i ate something, excruciating pain would start in the pit of my stomach right under my rib cage. I have never experienced such strong stabbing pains before. At times, my stomach would rumble as if there was a party in there. My appetite wasn’t there anymore as it used to. I couldn’t enjoy or savor anything i had put in my mouth for my tastes buds seemed to have been turned off.

I couldn’t take it anymore so i scheduled an appointment with my family doctor. She ran some gastro intestinal tests and revealed H. pylori to be the cause of my symptoms. Never heard of it and she assured me there’s treatment for it. I was sent home with a prescription of Prev-pack not realizing this was the beginning of all my problems.

Two treatments and about two months later, the test was positive still. I decided to visit a G.I. doctor instead. I wanted to visit the best G.I. doctor bay area has to offer. I knew with my PPO insurance i’d have no trouble being seen.

An endoscopy confirmed our previous suspicions and that i had severe inflammation which indicates the presence of an ulcer.

I thought, ok no problem, with the best insurance and being treated by the best doctor in the Bay area this should be easy. A plaque on the wall for being renounced the best doctor in the profession reassured me it will get resolved. He was also featured in the newspaper and a magazine especially for doctors.

Knowing of my history, he continued to give me Prev-pack for the third time. A second retest confirmed H. pylori to be positive once again. Frustration was sinking in deep. I shrugged it off for I knew this doctor knows what to do, until i received a letter in the mail.

As i look over the test results and see a hand written message, I felt a sense of devastation as i read,”It is still positive, go somewhere else or learn to live with it like the rest of us.” I can no longer help you.

The note left me speechless and immobilized as if a bomb just went off and left me handicapped without any limbs.

I surely did not expect him of all doctors to give up so easily, but i guess he got his plaque, that’s all he needed.

I’ve had my share of health issues!  I feel doctors are supposed to guide us and care for us when we’re ill, at least that’s what they are getting paid for right? I felt discouraged and outraged by some of the doctors carelessness. I know not all doctors are bad but i can’t help but loose hope in doctors as my life was hanging in the balance at their finger tips.


We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot.
Eleanor Roosevelt


The search is finally over….

Once again, I pleaded with God to help me fix this once and for all. I miss being the woman that could do it all. I certainly miss cooking, baking and taking care of my family. I noticed as i was gaining weight I was feeling better. I wasn’t happy about gaining weight but i thought, being up and about mattered more. So i allowed my self to gain more weight for the sake of feeling better. I felt as if every cell in my body was being challenged.

As I was up and about, my husband and I started a daily routine. Everyday between 3-5 pm was our down time. We would bask in the sun on the trampoline and chat.

It’s been two months since my breast reduction surgery and able to walk only 5 minutes a day without over exerting my self. I couldn’t hold a conversation, long or emotional as it was too exhausting for me.

As we lay on the trampoline one day, I happen to mention in our conversation that i started to have mucous with my bowel movements. My husband looks at me with a puzzled face, are you sure it’s mucous and not worms?

The word “worms” grossed me out enough and refused to accept it as a possibility.

The thought was haunting me and couldn’t discard it and thought, I’ve got everything to gain and nothing else to loose. So I immediately got on the kindle in the search for worms being a probable cause to my debilitating illness.

As I came across images of worms and parasites that find home in a human body, I was in rage that this could be what was making me sick, and how could so many doctors miss it? Reading on to symptoms and how it can manifest in some people, I knew then my body was infested. How and what type of infestation??? I had no idea!!!

On my next visit to the Holistic Chiropractor, I mentioned my discovery and it made sense to him. He was shocked that it was the one thing no doctor had tested me for including him self. So I did a Metamatrix GI test and felt a little hope on the horizon.

I called up my family doctor for a prescription of the drug for worms and to my surprise, she can’t find me in the system. Without being in the system she couldn’t prescribe anything. I wasn’t going to wait until she find me, started natural remedies in the mean time. A week later, she still can’t find me in the system. So i took it as a sign that i need the natural approach as my immune system had been battered.

Spent every minute of the day searching frantically for natural ways of getting rid of parasites.  It took all i had but with the support of my husband i’ve spent my days caring for my self while he continued to take care of the children.

This was the end of a long journey through hell and the beginning of my recovery back to health!!!

Follow my blog for more to come on my recovery back to health and the natural ways I went about getting rid of pinworms, tapeworms, liver flukes and Protozoa.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my blogs, God Bless!!!!

Finally, i see it in the distance…

I’ve always wanted to have a breast reduction, it was too much weight to carry around a quadruple D size anyway. A self examination helped convince my self that i needed to do this. With the bra straps digging into my shoulders and weakened back muscle from such heavy weight, it was time. I didn’t want to though, not now when i finally got some relief. I wanted to enjoy being happy a little longer and get my body strong again, I didn’t know what surgery was going to bring my way.

I knew i had no choice though, it had to be done and it had to be soon as August was rolling around and a new school year beginning. I decided to go forth with my decision.

The surgeon I had selected, couldn’t have been more happy with the work of art he had done. Removing approximately 4 pounds from both, i felt immediate relief. Very pleased with the outcome and feeling super fantastic in my new body thinking the worst is behind me now, looking forward to a new me.

One month after the surgery and I crashed once again. This time, I am really terrified. This time, i felt there was no getting up. It seemed as if all hell broke loose. My body was on overdrive in auto pilot, if that’s even possible. I could no longer fall asleep. I had 14 hours of sleep in a 7 day period. Not even over the counter sleep medicine could not keep me asleep.

As i felt charged with anxiety and panic attacks, thinking became very exhausting. My heart pounding in my chest as I was holding onto my bed and the walls to slowly make it to the bathroom. After every step i took, i needed to rest as I felt exhausted.

All my symptoms came back with vengeance and then some. Constant hunger and thirst were an hourly routine. No matter how much I ate, I couldn’t seem to get enough, I still felt really hungry. If I could drink a five gallon jug of water, still wouldn’t be enough to quench my thirst. I started to drink salt water to satisfy my thirst and it helped at times. Ate more often thinking my body must be recovering and it should be a good sign. As I watched the weight pile back on me and gaining 20 pounds within a month, I knew it can’t be good.

In shock and disbelief with all the tests coming back normal, how can this be? I was doing so well and finally able to enjoy time with my kids!

I felt as if this was the biggest roller coaster ride of my life. My husband by my side, kids all in school I thought, surely this is the end of me. I remember a few times when my oldest son hadn’t left for school yet and i really felt that was it. Called him into my room and told him how much i loved him and how proud I was and to never forget that. Said goodbye to my husband and passed on the message once again for my other kids.

Then it hit me, since I’ve been getting better, my soft spot was closing and my nails were improving so i can’t be dying. But then what is it, why do i feel this way? I realized it’s been about five months since my last panic attack. It was so different this time around that it fooled me completely.

My husband continued to be brave for me and constantly reassured me I would not die and i will find out the real cause. I couldn’t have gone through this without the constant support from my husband. He was my mentor through it all, I feel truly blessed!


This is too much…

As i walked in his office, he took one look at me and said: You have toxins in your body, your body is poisoned. I knew there was some level of toxicity that’s why juicing helped.

He tested my toxicity levels and neurotransmitters.

When he got the results, took another look at me in disbelief and said: I don’t know how you made it this long but in a normal world you would not have lived more then 3 months.

My neurotransmitters, some were either too high and some were too low, with only a few in the normal range. It explained the panic attacks and my ability to remember or comprehend.

Once again, without doubt I knew the Lord deserves all the credit!

Prior to seeing the chiropractor, I had an interesting dream. I was running uphill on a long street with houses on both sides. Some houses had the lights on and some did not. I was crying and shouting for help as i was going from door to door knocking hoping someone would open and help me. As i approached the houses with lights on, soon they would go off and everyone refused to open the door and help.

Confused and baffled in my dream that no one wanted to help, far up the street I saw a small house with an old man inside. Decided to run directly there before he shut’s off his light. As i got there, he was about to do so and go to bed. I knocked and begged him to help me as i am dying and can’t find anyone to help me. He thinks for a moment and says, I’m no expert but will do my best to help you, as he opened the door to invite me in. With that i woke up drenched in sweat and felt assured that I would meet the person that can help me.

When i saw the Holistic Chiropractor, I knew he was the older gentleman from my dream. I felt a sense of relief to see God work in such miraculous way and bring my way the person that could help, just as I requested.

With my husband loosing his job on April 1st, having my identity stolen in March and the hell I have been through, a break through the path of hell was long over due.

I begun my treatment to replenish my neurotransmitters and slowly eliminating the toxins. My sciatica was under control and the pain everywhere in my body was subsiding. Within weeks i have started to feel happy again and enjoyed living.

I was still stuck in bed with unbearable back pains. The chiropractic adjustments were helping just enough until my next appointment. I was seeing him twice a week and still wasn’t able to recover from the pain fully. The summer of 2012, spent it all in bed because of excruciating back pains due to the heavy burden on my back from my large breasts.

I’ve always been large breasted and figured after resting for a long while I’d be OK to get back up now that I’m feeling better and we discovered the real cause for my misery or so i thought.

The doctor mentioned I consider breast reduction at this point.


I think i’m getting somewhere…

Looked up my cover up diseases and treated my self. I began to feel better and able to care for my family once again. Started a detoxing and cleansing regimen by juicing vegetables and felt much, much better. When i would stop juicing, the symptoms would come back so i continued, thinking my body needed it. Three months passed and realized i can’t be drinking a liter of juice everyday. There has to be something wrong that everyone is missing. I knew I had to keep searching.

Stopped the juicing and detoxing and continued with a healthy eating plan. I still didn’t feel well. That’s when it started to sink in, I was dying.

I noticed the soft spot on top of my head was opening up more and more. It felt as if I was touching a baby’s head. My hair was  becoming stiff like dolls hair. My nails stopped growing and they felt as thin as plastic wrap. My skin had blemishes that no longer healed.

April of 2012 came around and my husband’s birthday. We had spent it in the ER with more panic attacks, this time it was much worse. With all the other symptoms, it confirmed my theory once again that i was dying.

The strong will to fight for my life was slowly fading. I felt as if I was chasing something with nothing in sight. Didn’t know what else to do. Continued to pray for wisdom and strength as I remember asking the Lord, surely there’s got to be someone out there that can help me Lord, is there not?

Symptoms of dementia were sinking in quickly as i feel my brain being taken over of uncontrollable thoughts and forgetting who i was. I was forgetting simple words. At times, I couldn’t recognize my children. When they took turns coming to slowly hug me through the cover, I realized I had forgotten who they were. When my husband asked if i needed anything, he had to repeat it at least three more times and explain what he meant. My brain could no longer process simple words.

My last drop of hope was running out, I gave up. I went to the Lord in prayer once more and just poured out my heart. My husband was driving the children to school and i was home alone. I remember gathering up my strength and stood up at the edge of my bed and started to sob. I shouted as loud as I could knowing no one can hear me and sobbing from the deepest end of my diaphragm saying: Lord, i give up!!!! I can’t do this anymore!!! I’ve done everything i could!!! I can’t bear to live like this!!!! It’s not fair to my family and i can no longer bear the suffering!!!

So I pleaded, if it was my time to go, take me now, as i know this is not the life you intended for me. Just so you know Lord, I want to stay here with my children.

But, if it’s not my time to go, I need you to bring my way the person that can help me and I especially need comfort, strength and wisdom as I am all out.

That’s when I felt God’s embrace wrapped around me, picked me up and felt comfort and peace as if he was telling me, It’s alright my child, I am here with you. You will be alright!

It was then i felt for the first time in four years that I will not die and God has been with me every step of my sickness.

I gave it one last shot, scheduled an appointment with the family doctor. Last I had seen her was a year ago because I was seeing the nature path doctor. If she can’t help me, I give up.

She referred me to a holistic chiropractor and assured me he can help, no doubt. I took her word for it, what else have i got to loose?


Not quite there yet….

Went to see the nature path doctor, I was sure this will be recovery time. He was very sweet and seemed knowledgeable. Had some good improvement throughout the year off and on. After seeing him for a year, spending $4,000 and 2 weeks prior to Christmas of 2011, I crashed. I had no strength to get up. The inside of me was racing as if being chased by a cheetah. The outside of me was so exhausted, barely managed bathroom time.

I felt so bad for my husband as he had to do it all, work, kids, home and care for me at the same time.

By this time i had been isolated to my room so much because i couldn’t bare to hear noise. The sound of a voice or touch of another person would agitate and stress me to the point of panic attack.

Spent many days and nights crying and hating my self for feeling this way. It was unbearably painful not to be able to hug my children as my life was devoted to them. Little hope that i had, continued to pray that the Lord give me wisdom to know what step to take next.

As I was doing more research on my kindle, (using a computer was out of the question) came across a book called “When to be your own doctor.” Reading this book made me realize it was time to be my own doctor.

During this time, I had been diagnosed with asthma, hypoglycemia, low thyroid, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, muscle damage, nerve damage, acid reflux, ulcer, sciatica and not to mention H-pylori including gluten, soy and dairy allergies. All by the age of 31.When i mentioned this to a friend of mine, she laughed and called me crazy. She too believed i was out for attention as did some doctors.

Here I was, a young woman in my early 30’s, President of the PTA, setting up events and hosting three family reunions and everyone thought my illness was a fake and i wanted attention. I wished it was that easy.

On my journey…

It was friday night, just finished dinner with the family and my husband went to get a movie from Red box. As i was cleaning up, I felt a dark cloud surround me, started to feel dizzy, nauseous, pains in the pit of my stomach and about to pass out. Splashed some water on my face trying to make sense of what’s happening. By the time my husband got back, I was in the ambulance crying, shouting I don’t want to die and all confused of the unknown. Said good bye to my kids that I left with my dear neighbor Michelle as I felt I wasn’t going to see them again.

At the Emergency Room I was told it was a panic attack! Everything was fine and was sent home with a prescription of Ativan. As more panic attacks set in, i knew this cannot be normal.

I remember feeling so alone and wished there was someone that could understand my pain and suffering. I tried explaining my self a few times but got those Aha replies and realized they wouldn’t get it because none of them have been through it. Although they have given me great support by listening and allowed me to unload my troubles on their shoulders, I wasn’t angry with anyone, including doctors since they had no clue of what was going on. I remember envisioning my body in a casket a few times with my children around and it was not where I was planning to be.

I had so much anxiety and felt like shouting so the whole world can hear my pain. My heart pounding against my chest as if trying to escape! Felt a great rush of energy from head to toes as if a gun is about to go off and start a marathon race.  I was screaming for help, but no one could hear me!!! Many family members and friends, patiently listened to my troubles and encouraged me to search further. I was no quitter, so continued my journey.

Realized it then, this was a battle to be fought on my own!!!!

From dying back to living!!!

Oh man, the last four years felt as if i was going through an internal torture chamber. I was at the lowest of my low and felt like an extra terrestrial in my own body with not much hope to hold on. Feeling like my heart would stop beating at any moment from skipping every other or two beats.

At times, it felt as if it was about to explode from such rapid and powerful beats with panic soaring through my body.

I remember wondering, is this the end of me? Will i get to see my children when they come home from school? As my heart would skip a beat or beat too fast, i recall pleading with God not to let me die as i wanted to raise the children he had blessed me with and see them grow up.

I have to say, the comfort i felt every time i prayed had given me strength and courage to continue my search for a real diagnosis and find a cure for what ever was making me so sick.

Visited over 20 doctors and 6 hospitals, including Stanford hospital, only to be sent home with the words, There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s all in your head! Some have refused to care for me saying I’m wasting their time!

Yet, day after day I felt like my world is coming to an end and no one took me seriously because I was too young to have any real disease. I agreed, but there was no explanation as to what was making me sick and I couldn’t take care of my family. I felt like a 65 year old woman at the age of 31.

Been referred to three psychologists to be medicated and none of them wanted to see me.

After two years of searching, giving up had crossed my mind. I had previously lost 100 pounds, not once but twice and I wasn’t going to quit on life because doctors didn’t believe me. With so many doctor visits and no explanations, at one point even my husband started to have doubts. I knew my body very well and something in my gut was telling me I’m not well.

As more time passed and more symptoms piled on, I tried to convince my self that i wasn’t sick. There’s nothing wrong with me i would tell myself as all doctors have claimed.

Then, on June of 2010, it all came crashing down. I started to have panic attacks!!! At the time, i had no idea what that was.

H. Pylori in the modern world

H. pylori was believed to be a bacteria that you can contract from other people infected with it. It was also believed that stress creates H. pylori in the stomach. On some levels, both beliefs are correct but it’s not so simple. There is more to H. pylori then meets the eye. It is not just a bacteria you pick up from somewhere, take an antibiotic and you are cured. It is more complex!

In a previous post i talked about the bacteria residing in the gut. We all know that our colon is like a garden with good bacteria and bad bacteria. We need both bacterias in order to have a well balanced and healthy gut.

Three big things

Modern stress (and I truly mean modern stress) is a great factor of which gives power to the bad bacterias which then multiplies and destroys the good bacteria.

We all heard of how antibiotics have gone viral and it’s becoming a pandemic because of over usage as it destroys everything in the gut.

Processed foods are the next pandemic causing an imbalance in everything. Not just our bodies but in the economy as well.

When the body is over stressed it creates a humid environment in the stomach therefor bacteria can travel and make home there. Keeping this level of humidity, forces the gut to over use hydrochloric acid which brings forth acid reflex disease and ulcers etc.

When acid reflex disease is present, it means there are low levels of the good acid(Hydrochloric) and instead high levels of the bad acid that is released by h-pylori.

The only think keeping H-pylori at bay for me these days is:

I’ve made some rules for my self to live by because i want to be productive. Self discipline it’s not hard, you just have to train your mind for what’s good and for what God intended. To care for our bodies. I do my best to have a balanced diet but it’s not always possible so i have these rules to help and keep things in control.

Rule number 1: I’ve learned to leave for tomorrow what i cannot finish today. I do only what i can for that day.

Second rule: Fermented foods such as Kimchy and homemade yogurt. I do not go a day without fermented foods!

Last but not least: Probiotics on top of fermented foods especially if things are out of hand. I started off with a dose of 50 billion flora and worked my way up to 100 billion.

A boost to begin balance: I’ve also tried the 400 billion flora as a treatment to begin the balance. I felt great the first 3 days but had to cut down to 100 billion by the fourth day. I began to feel a burning sensation in the gut and high levels of anxiety and my skin becoming a yellowish color which made me realize my liver couldn’t process the die off toxins fast enough so i had to slow it down. Coffee enema was out of the question during this period so i cut back to 100 billion and felt great.

Here’s what working for me today:

  • Distress daily!!! Bask in the Sun, read or meditate.
  • Drink tea daily!!! Fennel, Raspberry tea and mint tea.
  • 100 billion probiotic daily for 30 days every other month. Garden of life is what works best for me.
  • Homemade yogurt daily!!! Every morning and night before bed.
  • I also drink a fiber drink every night. Sunsweet supra fiber, all natural no psyllium husk.
  • Diet wise, i do my best to stay gluten, dairy, soy and sugar free. Although not always 100% able to, but it works.

I hope it works for you as well! Please leave me a comment if you find it does! Wish you the best!

Here’s a simple way to make homemade yogurt:

  1. One gallon whole organic cow milk.
  2. One cup favorite plain yogurt. (mine is greek)
  3. About ten 16 house jars for storing.

Every dish you use must be washed thoroughly with soap and water and air dried on a clean towel. Warm the milk to a temperature of 115 degrees, no more unless you want to make cottage cheese. Shot off and remove to the side.

In a small bowl mix the yogurt and sour cream with a little of the warm milk to make it smooth and runny then add it slowly to the milk. Emphases on slowly. Only add sour cream if you want to make it think. I like it drinkable, easy to take it anywhere without needing a spoon.

Fill up the jars and let it sit over a towel on counter or table top over night. Be sure to keep it covered. If you want it thicker, let it sit longer outside. Also if you want it more sour, increase to 1.5 cup yogurt.

Refrigerate and Enjoy!!! Many Blessings to you!!!

Dealing with Anxiety today!

I’ve been kidnapped by ANXIETY from my life, my family and tied down to my room. I’ve been forced to live in a room with very little access to anything as it began to steal my confidence of ever getting out!!!

Anxiety had debilitated me and I have missed so much from my life, more so in the last 14 months. As I mentioned in the previous post, anxiety will continue to be in control until we discover what is the root cause of it.

I had so many root causes that i needed calming supplements every hour on the hour on top of Ativan and Valume. My body had been dealing with these issues on it’s own for so long as well as keep me up to care for my family and taking my kids to school until it couldn’t do the job any longer.

So, since August of 2012, I had been going down the list of the things my body had been dealing with and began to battle each one, one at a time. Shifted my focus to getting rid of parasites, I changed my diet to make my body more alkaline, engaged my self in daily COFFEE BREAKS of coffee enemas and attacked them with full force from every angle, top and bottom. After a month, I no longer needed Valume or Ativan and was able to manage my Anxiety with just natural supplements. I was pleased and excited to be off those drugs as I am a firm believer in natural remedies.

This is what i did back then and worked!!! This is what i do now to prevent my anxiety from taking over!!! 2015

God has been so good to me, giving me a daily dose of strength and mercy! I have come to realize that i depend solemnly on Him for everything! I only do things through Him because He strengthens me. I’d be a fool to give Him up and not trust in Him!

From my recent experience with anxiety, it seems a shortage in certain neurotransmitters which helps with production and balance of hormones causes adrenals to release extra cortisol. It’s like a stopper for the sink, water continues to flow without control unless you plug it. Hydroxytryptophan is a naturally occurring amino acid and chemical precursor as well as a metabolic intermediate in the biosynthesis of the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin from tryptophan. It helps the body produce melatonin and other hormones as well as helps with better sleep. Because of the balance it produces within the adrenals, it almost seems like 5HTP is the plug for the adrenals on the release of cortisol.

I take it daily once a day with Vitamin B6 and i no longer have bursts of anxiety taking over or crashing from overdose of cortisol. Seems to work really well despite the fact that i’m still fighting against protozoa/amoeba.

Nature’s way 5HTP i like the best because it already has B6 and i don’t have to worry about taking B6.

Another thing i like to do for prevention of anxiety is take vinegar baths once a week for about 40 minutes which helps greatly. For a full tub i use one cup of Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother and one cup of Pink Himalayan Salt. The beginning of the bath i feel a little anxious as my body release cortisol for detoxification but, within 10 minutes i begin to feel calm and relaxed. By the time my 40 minutes is up, feels as if i just went to a sauna. I feel great!

I get my vinegar by the gallon from my nearest natural store and the salt by the pound which comes out less.

I feel greatly blessed to have a normal life and be able to balance work and home where before i couldn’t even care for my self.

I hope you can find what you are looking for and what works best for you!




It’s been eight months since my discovery of parasites and worm infestation. Honestly, I thought it was the end of all my troubles. Little did i know that it was just the beginning of a new journey in my life! I thought for sure all my troubles would be over once i got rid of them and i can move on with my life and go back to work. I couldn’t! I would get better for a few days, then crash. Get better for a month, then crash again. If felt as if i was climbing a snowy hill with slippers. As soon as i felt a grip on things, i would slide down again. It was frustrating and discouraging. I constantly had dreams of a lion charging at me to attack, in a crowd full of others, it somehow always came towards me.

I regret questioning my faith but it was getting really hard to hold on and the Holistic doctor i had seen could not help me either. The outside world became nonexistent to me as I was focusing so much on my recovery. My husband and my kids, strong as ever constantly supporting me and being my crutches. Their love for me keeps me strong!

A later test revealed that I was also fighting an amoeba. Protozoa, which is a one cell amoeba and are tough to get rid of. Requires very strict prolonged diet and constant fighting.

I can safely say that I am free of liver flukes and tapeworms. It’s been a long, hard and stressful process but by God’s grace I’ve succeeded. Without wisdom and guidance from above, I would not be writing this today.

All of my organs have been exhausted to the limit and I constantly crashed. I realized that just getting rid of the parasites and worms was not enough as they have already caused damage.

I will remain strong in the Lord and continue fighting! This may be a life long diet for me as I have many autoimmune diseases and this fits to be the best for me in reducing inflammation.

Been working on repairing cell and organ damage which may take a good while but it’s okay. I carry a big tub of supplements and my purse if filled with them, it’s what gets me through the day. Slow and steady wins the race sometimes!

I patiently wait onto the Lord, as healing comes from above!

Do you have a happy place!

It can be very hard at times to find that happy place due to an overload of things to do or just simply because the rushing thoughts just seem out of control.

Controlling anxiety can be done by leaving tomorrow’s troubles for tomorrow and minimizing our to do list for today! It’s okay to leave some work for tomorrow, it will still be there. The only question remains, if you push today through tomorrow’s load, will “You” still be here?

“Worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength- carrying two days at once. It is moving into tomorrow ahead of time. Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”
― Corrie ten Boom

Do you have a happy place!



The racing thoughts, heart pounding so fierce that you can see it beating through the surface of your skin as if you’re being chased by a vicious animal and your life depends on your survival skills!

To be honest, your life is being chased by something and that something is internal stress.

We all have anxiety and try to deal with it to the best of our knowledge! Some of us have a hard time functioning properly on a day to day basis do to such high levels of anxiety and have no choice but to resort to western medicine because natural remedies barely takes the edge off at times. Especially around the holidays, anxiety can be at a high peak due to an overload of things to do. Dealing with anxiety can become debilitating and frustrating to the point of giving up and no longer enjoying our favorite hobbies or being able to enjoy our kids or alone time that we may have.


Anxiety, is it a disorder?

Anxiety is not a disorder within it’s self, rather a symptom of an underlying issue within the gut. Anxiety symptoms manifests when an imbalance in the gut continues to stress the immune system. Imbalances in the gut can happen from high carbs and high sugar diet with not enough leafy green vegetables. Also, physical and emotional stress can raise the levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach witch in turn creates an imbalance. With 80% of our immune system and neurotransmitters located in the gut, the whole body can easily be affected.

We may not realize it but inflammation in the body, shingles, parasites, stomach ulcers, autoimmune disease, especially toxins and so many other issues are all gut related issues and can send our immune system into a vicious cycle of overdrive. Until we figure out what is causing the stress and treat it, anxiety will always be a lost battle. The need for western medicine to control anxiety rises as our bodies are worn out from such stress. Although, small amount of anxiety is okay, high levels of it for a long period of time it’s what we don’t want. You see, anxiety is a natural instinct of the human’s body in order to deal with high levels of stress! As you may have heard this saying, “Everything in moderation”, really applies to everything!

What happens when we continue this way?

Continuing on this path can only lead to destruction of our immune system which in turns develop diseases like diabetes or even cancer.

If we haven’t figured out what’s causing the anxiety after sometime, panic attacks begin to set in. Anxiety can be easy or hard to deal with, depending on the levels of it. There are two types of anxiety, emotional and physical.

Emotional anxiety affects the emotional state like, it’s internal!

It is caused by health issues and affects how we feel, think and act towards one and other.

I briefly explained above the emotional stress which are the health issues within the body.

Physical anxiety affects the physical action, it’s external!

It is caused by an over worked body! Too much exercise with little rest, going to bed late for what ever reason, forgetting to eat and burdening our bodies with loads and loads of work just so we finish it all in one day.

There are many many ways of burdening the body and stressing it out but i will not get into more details about it because we all know them. What we have to think about is how to slow down, rest more often and truly enjoy life.  Life is not meant to be worked like a menace until times up. It is meant to be enjoyed with hikes in the woods and enjoy the company of people around us. What do we want to be remembered for? One, that we enjoyed life to the fullest? Two, or that we were always on the go and could never learn to manage our time and worked until time was up?

Every time we push through a moment of stress when we feel tired with headaches and maybe body aches, we are asking for trouble. Deadlines are every where and will always have to be met but, at what point do we say enough is enough? When will we slow down if not now? When sickness bedridden’s us?

Anxiety solutions!

Anyone that is out to make money by selling books or ideas about anxiety solutions continues to say that it’s okay and to accept it. They must’ve not experienced high levels of anxiety.  Although anxiety within it’s self is not a disease but a warning sign like the noise the car makes when it’s just not working right, high levels of continued anxiety can stress the heart enough to possibly create a heart attack.

If i would’ve listened to anyone about accepting it as a way of life and remain with western medicine, i would not be here today.

Look at Britney Murphy, her anxiety levels were very high for years because of a heart condition she had as a child, she had a heart attack in the shower after taking Ativan for her anxiety. It doesn’t mean that everyone has the same condition. My point with that is that she too had stresses in the body.

Through the years in my long search for relief of anxiety with western medicine and natural remedies, I began to look at the root of the problem not the surface.By fixing my gut issues like Low Hydrochloric acid, H. pylori, Ulcer, IBS, Leaky gut and worms, my anxiety is under control and I continue to improve everyday.

When there’s a trail of ants in the house, we remove the source that attracts them but we also trace the trail to stop it at the root not midways!

I have never taken the time to fully enjoy the blessings in my life until i was bedridden and came very close to a brush with death. I wish I knew different, but there is no point in dwelling in that.

Stay tuned for steps I’ve taken to help me deal with anxiety and getting to the source!